With a capacity of up to 140 seats, the auditorium forms the centre of The Gong. The perfect venue for any live performance! Be it music and dance, theatre or cinema, but also panel discussions, presentations and other cultural events that are best held in front of a larger audience. Every performance can also be multitrack-recorded and mixed in the studio, allowing you to either broadcast it live or to take a final recording back home after the show.

• Yamaha QL1 Mixing console (Dante)

• Yamaha RiO32/24 IO Box (Dante)

• 3x Martin XP12 (PA top)

• 2x Martin XP118 (PA bass)

• 6x HK LINEAR 9 110 XA (monitors)


• 4x Shure SM57

• 8x Shure SM58

• Sennheiser e 600 drumcase

• 8x DI boxes

• Shure BLX1288/P31 Wireless mics (1x Handheld, 1x Headset)

• Chamsys QuickQ 10 console, preprogrammed scenes

• 12x Hera LED-Pars

• Concert Lightning

• Professional beamers and screens

Please Note: Sonic Studios are still under construction. All pictures are AI generated.