Sonic Studios at the Gong offer a wide variety of different services to all kinds of performing and recording artists. We are there for you if you are looking to record your next masterpiece or want to master existing material. Are you looking for a place to work on your latest creations? Why not stay with us for a couple of days or even weeks? It is your art that matters. We take care of the rest.


Whether you’re a solo artist, band or ensemble, we have the recording space that fits your needs. We can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously in the highest quality in Control A with 4 recording rooms of different sizes. In Control B we are able to record up to 8 tracks in highest quality with 4 recording rooms. Also important: All the rooms have dedicated acoustics with zero bleeding between them.


Our Control Rooms have perfectly balanced monitors/room acoustics for accurate listening. A wide array of mastering plug-ins are available for the finishing touches, to ensure your masters translate to any listening situation and unfold their full potential.


Both our studios are equipped with modern Avid Pro Tools mixing systems (Avid HDX / MTRX II in Control A and Avid Carbon in Control B). Logic pro is available too. So whatever you want to produce or record, it can be mixed to the high professional standard your art has deserved.


Writing and performing new material is hard work – and needs time. Dive into our playground with loads of instruments and toys to fiddle around with! Our in-house producers and engineers will take good care of you and make sure the outcome meets highest professional standards.

Voice-Over/Podcast Recording/Audio Postproduction

Our facility is perfectly suitable for voice over recording and dedicated audio post for any kind of application. There is a video connection available for lip-sync/ADR and foley recordings. We can then deliver broadcast-ready mixes for podcasts, commercials/campaigns, films, documentaries, TV-series, radio-ads, trailers, animations, video games and much more.

Band Rehearsals​

The Studio and the adjoining hotel are a haven for bands of all genres to rehearse, create, and vibe. Unleash your musical prowess in our space designed for creativity to thrive.

Event Hire​

The unique spaces at Sonic Studios can be hired as an unforgettable venue for your private event or live performance. Catering can be provided by the Farmhouse Resort, which is also the perfect place to stay.​

For Booking Inquiries

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Sonic Studios are available for general bookings from September 2024 with earlier arrangements possible on request.

Please Note: Sonic Studios are still under construction. All pictures are AI generated.