We designed Sonic Studios with one thing in mind: the artists who come to us to record their art. We put their needs first. And because we know that those needs are as varied as the forms of expression in their art, we have decided to build a place with the utmost flexibility: two independent, state-of-the-art studios with four recording rooms and a proper concert venue under one roof. We can accommodate everything from intimate voice recordings to live performances in front of up to 140 guests. All rooms are completely isolated from each other and have dedicated, measured acoustics. The result is something to be proud of. Surely.

Live Room

58 sqm / 624 sq ft

At 58 sqm / 624 sq ft and a height of almost 4.2 meters our Live Room is probably the largest recording space in Cambodia – and certainly one of the most inspiring! It can easily accommodate up to 12 musicians. Everything here is thoughtfully designed to create a place of creativity and safety even for larger ensembles. All of this make it is as inspiring as possible to find, perform and record your expression.

Semi Live Room

24 sqm / 258 sq ft

The Semi-Live Room is located next to the Live Room and also offers a direct view to the Control Room A. At 24 sqm / 258 sq ft., it is slightly smaller and therefore dryer than the Live Room, while having the same height of 4.2 meters, allowing sound to breathe! It offers an additional variety of possibilities for recording – by itself or in conjunction with the Live Room for separation.

Vocal Booth

21 sqm / 226 sq ft

While typical voiceover booths are often cramped and almost claustrophobic, we prioritized this important studio space as deserved for the artists voices. At 21 sqm / 226 sq ft it offers enough space for dynamic group recordings, smaller voice ensembles or podcast talks and voice-over sessions.

Control Room A

31 sqm / 334 sq ft

Our «big» control room offers an open view to all four recording rooms. It has plenty of space to set up additional keyboards or other instruments for an overdub session – or to sit in and listen comfortably on the couch! It is built around an Avid MTRX II with 24 mic pre’s and two Avid S1 control surfaces. Two hi-end analog channel strips are available also. The Genelec midfield monitoring is perfectly balanced to the room acoustics, allowing accurate listening and long sessions without ear fatigue. And if you prefer to do a live-mix on our Yamaha QL1 console: this can be hooked up easily (via Dante) while still recording to Pro Tools or Logic Pro.

Control Room B

15 sqm / 162 sq ft

Perfect for overdubs, editing and writing/producing sessions. It also offers a direct view to the Sound Lock, while you also get a glimpse of the other rooms through the connecting windows. Built around an Avid Carbon, Control B also offers an accurate Genelec monitoring and a relaxed atmosphere. It can also be hooked up with every recording room.

Sound Lock Booth

15 sqm / 162 sq ft

Sitting between Control Room A and B, it can be used as an iso-booth for instrumentalists, vocalists or for an amplifier. Yes, it is still big enough to host two singers or VO-artists!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

• Mac Studio M1 Ultra, large display, various HD’s and docking possibilities

• Avid HDX / MTRX II System with 32 analog inputs, 24 programmable preamps, Dante i/o from Auditorium

• 2x Avid S1 Controller Desk, 16 faders

• DAD Monitor Controller

• 2x Genelec 8361AP midfield monitoring

• 2x Auratone Sound Cubes

• 2x Great River ME-1NV (mobile for Control A or B)

• 2x Distressor (mobile for Control A or B)

• Keylab keyboard controller

• Behringer Powerplay Cuemix System from Avid MTRX II to every rec room

• No noise in control room – all gear with fans in silent rack


• Mac Studio M1 Max, large display, various HD’s and docking possibilities

• Avid Carbon Interface

• 2x Genelec 8341BP monitoring

• 2x Auratone Sound Cubes

• Mackie Big Knob Studio monitor controller

• MPK 225 keyboard controller

• Behringer Powerplay Cuemix System from Avid Carbon to every rec room


• Pro Tools Ultimate (Control A)

• Pro Tools Studio (Control B)

• Logic Pro X (Control A and B)

• Native Instruments Bundle

• FabFilter Bundle

• Waves Horizon

• Soundtoys

• Arturia Collection

• Approx. 50 mic stands, all sizes, stereo bars etc.

• 16x Behringer P16-M cue mixers

• 8x Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 80Ohm

• 4x Beyerdynamic DT-100

• 4x HD-25 Headphones

• 4x Lake People Headphone amps

• 4x Gobo High, 4x Gobo High with windows, 6x Gobo Low

• 24 mic lines from Live Room to Control A

• 16 mic lines from Semi Live Room to Live Room

• 8 mic tielines through all rooms and auditorium stage

• AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon


• AKG 451 B

• 2x Neumann KM184

• 2x Neumann TLM103

• Neumann U87

• 2x Rode NT5 MB

• Shure SM7

• 4x Shure SM57

• Shure Beta52

• 3x Sennheiser MD 421-2

• Sennheiser e 901

• 8x DI boxes

• SGI Remote Amp feed System

• Squier Jazz-Bass

• Universal Audio Amp-Simulators

• «Lion» (Marshall Plexi style) and «Dream» (Fender Twin style)

• Hartke 15” Bass stack

• Mapex Meridian Birch Drum Kit with a fine selection of cymbals

• Aria Pro II Telecaster

• Yamaha/Aria Pro II Stratocasters

• 6string Acoustic Guitars (steel and nylon strings)

• 12string Acoustic Guitar (steel strings)

• Laney TF 200 Guitar Amp

• Tambourines, Shakers

• 2x Marshall Valvestate 20

• Loads of stompboxes of all kinds

• Upright Piano / Grand Piano

• Live Room, 58 sqm / 624 sq ft

• Semi Live Room, 24 sqm / 258 sq ft

• Vocal Booth, 21 sqm / 226 sq ft

• Control A, 31 sqm / 334 sq ft

• Control B, 15 sqm / 162 sq ft

• Sound Lock, 11 sqm / 118 sq ft

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Sonic Studios are available for general bookings from September 2024 with earlier arrangements possible on request.

Please Note: Sonic Studios are still under construction. All pictures are AI generated.